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On Tuesday, we braved the rainy weather and worked in teams to find picture clues for our topic.  We found 16 picture clues and sorted them in to groups, then into chronological order.

Our categories were:  houses, clothes, people, tools and boats.

Next, we considered the question...

Was Stone Age man simply a hunter gatherer.

We looked at different sources to see what we could infer about Stone Age man.

What does this picture tell you?

We watched this video to find more information...

We considered the question, “ How different was life in the Stone Age when man started to farm.”  We were quite surprised they used tools like ploughs.

Next, we learnt about the discovery of the prehistoric village of Skara Brae and what could be learnt about life their from the things that were left behind.

The next step in our learning involved some very special visitors from the past.  Look at the Outdoor Learning section to see what happened.

We thought about what would be the 4 main changes that happened in the Bronze Age before learning about the Iron Age.  We focused our learning on Danebury Iron Age hill fort.  We looked at maps, aerial photos and photographs of the site and pictures of the artefacts found there.  Were thought about how historians use evidence to build a picture of the past.  We looked at artist impressions to see what we could infer about life in the fort.

We tried to match information in books about the Iron Age to the evidence that was found.