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What have we learnt this term?


We brought all our learning together in a knowledge organiser. We were given the freedom and choice to plan and create these pieces of work so that we could use our own ideas and creativity. Look at the results!

How did the Ancient Egyptians mummify bodies?


We watched a few videos describing the process of mummification, making notes as we learnt the steps. We used the notes we made to help us to sequence some pictures and make our own comic strips about mummification.

How did the Ancient Egyptians mummify bodies?


In order to understand how the Egyptians mummified bodies, we are going to mummify a tomato in the same way!

First, we needed to understand why they dried out the bodies. We did this by putting bread in a bag with wet sand and in a bag with dry sand. The results showed us that the bread clearly rotted when surrounded by moisture.

We then cut off the top of a tomato, scooped out the seeds inside, just like the Egyptians would have taken out the organs of the body. Then we washed our tomato and weighed it, again, just like the Egyptians did with the bodies of the pharaohs. Finally, we surrounded the tomato in salt in order to dry it out. We are going to observe our tomato over the next two weeks and compare it to the tomato that has had no salt surrounding it.

Were the pyramids built by slaves?


Today we were historians, gathering as much evidence as we could to help is to form an opinion about whether the pyramids were built by slaves or not. We each had some information that we had to share with others, recording our ever changing thoughts as we rotated around the classroom, talking to our classmates.

Howard Carter’s Discovery


Today, we all played the role of Howard Carter on the day he discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen!

Topic Launch


Today, we carried out lots of activities to start gathering information about our topic “The Ancient Egyptians”. First we had to write down everything we already knew about the topic using a picture prompt. We then watched a video introducing the topic and used it to add to our information record. Next, we went into the woodland and played “Information Run” in which we took turns in finding clues hidden in the trees to take back and share with our group.

In order to place the Ancient Egyptians in a timeline, we tried to order events in history that we have learnt about in the past and finally we played “Spot The Errors” ina picture of Ancient Egyptian life. What a busy day!