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Homework 29.11.18


Words can be found on Spelling Shed website. This week,  children are learning about adverbs that end with ‘ly’ – words that explain ‘how’ something is done. The general spelling rules are:

•If the root word end in ‘y’, change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’ and add ‘ly
•If the root word ends in ‘le’, change ‘le’ to ‘ly’
•Most other endings you just add ‘ly’

The word list is:

sadly, bravely, completely, wildly, gently, foolishly, proudly, horribly, nervously, happily

Some children may have the following words:

slowly, quickly, suddenly, kindly, fairly, really, gently, loudly


Mathletics Homework supports the learning of the 6 times tables.