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Homework will be set weekly on a Thursday and due in on Tuesday. Homework will consist of Spelling and Maths linked to work we've done in class. Please discuss with us if there are ever any issues with homework.

Homework 10th December 2020



This week most children have a task linked to line graphs, which is what we have been doing in class this week. Some children have a time homework task as an alternative for this week only. All of the activities have been done in class over the last 2 weeks. 



This week we have been learning about some more of the spelling rules when we add the suffix -ly, changing an adjective into an adverb.

Group 1: magically, hectically, frantically, terrifically, gently, simply, probably, horribly, comfortably, incredibly

Group 2: magically, frantically, simply, gently, probably

The words are on the Spelling shed website if you would like to use this as a method for practising.


Homework 3rd December 2020



This week, we have been learning about the suffix -ous.

Group 1: serious, obvious, curious, hideous, spontaneous, courteous, furious, various, victorious, gaseous

Group 2: serious, curious, various, furious, hideous

Spellings are on Spelling Shed if you wish to use this to help your child practise, but feel free to use any other method that suits your child best.



This week the children have been learning about types of number. This includes prime, squared and cubed (on Monday). Mathletics does not have specific tasks for this so instead below are some websites with games on which the children are aware of. The children can continue to do live mathletics though.


We also did some more catch up maths on time this week and used the following game to keep practicing:

Homework 26/11/20



Due to issues with Mathletics, there won’t be any specific activities from us on there. Instead the children can still use live Mathletics. Additionally, the children have continued work on factors. Please she images below with examples of factor bugs. The children can have a go at finding factors for the numbers below or give them random numbers and see how many they can find. 



This week, we are learning words that have an unstressed letter, making it easy to miss out when spelling, eg. different is often spelt diffrent because that is how we say it. We do not pronounce the first e.

Group 1: different, interest, separate, favourite, February, library, ordinary, frightening, generally, poisonous

Group 2: different, interest, separate, February, library

These words are available to practise on Spelling Shed if you want to use it, however, other ways of learning spellings is fine too.


Homework 19.11.20



This weeks' homework is linked to our first week of multiplication, which has included work on the times tables, specifically at factors and multiples. If your child is struggling with their tables please use the grid below to support them. They also have access to rockstar times tables to keep practicing them. 


This week's spellings are based on the different pronunciations of the -ough spelling pattern:

Group 1: though, although, dough, doughnut, through, cough, rough, trough, tough, enough

Group 2: though, although, rough, tough, enough


Homework 12.11.20



This weeks' homework is linked to both addition and subtraction as we come to the end of our unit. Please ensure the children read the questions carefully and use paper to solve if they are unsure.



This week we have been looking at the spelling rules when we add the suffix -ly:


•If the root word end in ‘y’, change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’ and add ‘ly

happy - happily


•If the root word ends in ‘le’, change ‘le’ to ‘ly’

wobble - wobbly


•Most other endings you just add ‘ly’

quick - quickly


Please can you help your child to learn these rules by giving them examples for each word type (ending with y, ending with le and any other words) that they can then add -ly to, using the rules to spell correctly.

Examples of each to try: 

cheery, messy, angry, grumpy

dribble, scribble, hobble

wild, careful, sad, 

Homework 5.11.20


Maths - This week the children's Mathletics homework is linked to our work on column subtraction. We do not expect the children to do this in their heads, please encourage the use of paper and pen to practice column subtraction or pictorial drawings. 


Spelling - This week, we would like the children to learn to spell the names of the planets:

Group 1: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, universe, astronaut

Group 2: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter