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Week 3 Homework




This week we have learnt about the suffix -ssion and how it changes a verb into an adjective.

Group 1 - expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission, impression, obsession, procession, omission, concussion

Group 2 - discussion, confession, expression, animal, another, around

Group 3 - bone, cone, phone, stone, alone, zone



The maths homework this week is to continue to practice our column multiplication skills. 



Week 2 Homework



This week we have been learning about the suffix -tion and how it can change a verb into a noun, eg. invent - invention.

Group 1: invention, injection, action, hesitation, completion, stagnation, nomination, migration, conservation, selection

Group 2: action, selection, invention, which, where, who

Group 3: date, late, state, mate, rate, ice-skate, fate



In maths this week we have been learning how to use the compacted column method with exchanging. Our homework activity this week gives us the opportunity to practice what we have learnt. Remember you can do your working out on a piece of paper before you type in your answer - you don't have to work it out in your head!

Week 1 Homework



This week, we are learning about the vowel digraph -au-. Children will be tested on spelling the following words:

Group 1: naughty, caught, fraught, automatic, astronaut, cause, author, applaud, taught, audience

Group 2: every, interest, really, naughty, caught, author

Group 3: snake, cake, flake, make, brake, shake



For maths homework this week the children will be practising using the expanded column method for multiplication.