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Learning Activities during a School Closure

17th May 2020


Dear Year 4, 


I hope you are all well. This is the last week of home learning before half term and we have a few different types of days planned.

On Thursday, we would have been having an "Outdoor Classroom" day in school so we have done our best to recreate this on your grid by giving you activities for each subject that can be done outside in your garden or at the park. I hope you have fun with this and look forward to hearing from some of you about it.

It is also Mental Health Awareness Week which we would have celebrated in school so on Friday we have planned some work based around the theme of kindness. 

Have a good week. I think it is going to be a hot one so get outside as much as you can and enjoy it!

Best wishes, 

Mrs Yates, Mrs Simmonds and Mr Perkins


Home Learning Grid Week 7

10th May 2020


Dear Year 4, 


We hope you had a lovely long weekend and enjoyed celebrating VE Day last Friday. This week in your home learning we are starting a new RE topic on Sikhism which we hope you enjoy finding out about. We look forward to seeing some of your work, especially the ideas on how to make our school greener. They have been passed on to Miss Martin!


Love from, 

Mrs Yates, Mrs SImmonds and Mr Perkins

2nd May 2010


Dear Year 4, 


We hope this finds you all well and happy. Here is your home learning grid and resources for another week. You will notice the grid looks slightly different -  Friday is a Bank Holiday to celebrate VE Day (Victory in Europe Day when we celebrate the end of WW2). Although it is a holiday, we have included some activities to keep you busy if you would like to have a go at doing them.

We continue the maths with Whiterose with an opportunity for a catch up lesson if necessary. Please scroll DOWN to week 2 resources (Whiterose have rearranged the format!) and NOT Summer Term Week 2 (w/c 27th April).

We are loving seeing all the work you are sending in so thank you all for that and keep it coming!


Best wishes to you all, 

Mrs Yates, Mrs Simmonds and Mr Perkins


Week 5 Home Learning Grid

24th April 2020

Dear Year 4 and Parents, 

I hope you had a good week of homelearning! Here are a few notes about maths next week...

Having trialled Whiterose this week, we have tweaked the plan slightly in order to try to best meet the needs of the children to support them to make the best progress in their learning.

When the grid and resources are uploaded onto the website, you will notice the Whiterose lessons are alternate days. This is for a few reasons:

  • This enables us to add extra support and consolidation work for children who are finding the concepts tricky. This may be helpful now that we are back on the Year 4 curriculum.
  • Many children enjoyed using the CPG books and this varies the lessons more so that the children do not become disengaged with the repetition.

Next week, just like this week, you will need to click on the link. This will take you to Summer Term Week 2 (w/c 27th April). Do NOT do these lessons! Scroll up to the pink tab entitled “Week 1” then follow the lesson we have indicated on the grid. These are:

Monday – Lesson 1 “Recognising tenths and hundredths”

Wednesday – Lesson 3 “Tenths on a place value grid”

Friday – lesson 5 “Dividing 1 digit by 10”

Thank you to all those children who have sent work to us. It is lovely to see how you are getting along.

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes,

Mrs Yates, Mr Perkins and Mrs Simmonds

Week 4 Home Learning Grid and Resources

17th April 2020


Hello Year 4 children and parents, 


We hope you had a good Easter and are managing to enjoy this beautiful weather. It's now the Summer Term, so time to carry on with your learning at home!


The home learning continues on the grid as before Easter. There are however a few changes. Notice we have added the days of the week as we would like you to follow the grid in order rather than select what you would like. Some of the activities have resources to help you. These can be found in the respective stars under the grid each week. They do not have to be printed so do adapt or change as necessary.


  • Maths- we will be following the White Rose lessons online. Click on the link on the grid each day and follow instructions to the correct week/lesson. We are starting at week one from Year 3 deliberately as this revises the knowledge you need before starting the Year 4 syllabus next week. As some of you may find this quite easy, we have provided an extra challenge for you each day! You do not have to print out the worksheets - you can simply write the answers in your book.
  • English- We are starting our new text "Danny Champion of the World" by Roald Dahl. Mrs Simmonds and I will be reading you chapters each day via a You Tube channel (link will be on the grid) and then there will be activities to follow. Spellings will be on Spelling Shed with some activities to reinforce. A relevant resources stars under the grid.
  • Science/Topic/Creative- We are starting our new Science topic of Habitats which will be three lessons each week for this half term and then we will select other subjects from the curriculum for the other two days.

On the grid some work is in red-this we would like you to send us so that we can see how you are getting on. Africa South, please send your work to and Africa North, please send your work to


Keep in touch, work hard and have fun!


Mrs Yates, Mrs Simmonds and Mr Perkins


3rd April 2020

Dear Parents and Year 4, 

Mrs Simmonds, Mr Perkins and I are busy getting your learning ready for after the Easter holiday and wanted to give you a little advance warning- we will be using the book "Danny Champion of the World" by Roald Dahl for our English lessons. We have found a youtube reading of the whole book, chapter by chapter but you may want to try to get hold of a copy as an Easter present to make activities easier to complete next half term.

Thank you to all those that have sent photos and messages about your home learning so far. 

Have a wonderful Easter!

Love from Mrs Yates, Mrs Simmonds and Mr Perkins

29th March 2020


Dear Year 4, 

We hope you have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

Here is your learning grid for Week 2 of learning from home. I do hope it is all going well. We have added in some spelling shed activities and words to learn on the website. Mr Perkins has added some great Australia topic lessons and I have included some interesting Science websites and activities for you as this is what we would be doing in class this week. We would love to see some of your work if you would like to email it to the school.

Have a good week and work hard!

With love from the Year 4 team


26th March 2020

Dear Year 4, 

I do hope you are coping alright with being at home and your home learning. I wonder how your parents are doing too! Mrs Simmonds and I are busy planning your home learning for next week but in the meantime I thought I would tell you about a great website that has many different ideas on in case we have not given you enough to do. There is maths and English but also some lovely creative ideas and topic work too that you may enjoy and may help your parents if they are unsure how else to support you.

All your parents need to do is sign up (it is free at the moment) and then you can click on the 7-9 age group and a whole day of activities opens up. The activities are changed each day so you will never get bored!

We are greatly missing you and send all our best to you all.

With love, 

Mrs Yates and Mrs Simmonds