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Learning Activities during a School Closure

Week Commencing 13.07.20


Please find everything you need for this week's home learning on the grid and in the resources section below.


Mr Stevens and Mrs Whitford

Week Commencing 06.07.20

Hello home learners.


We hope you've had a great week and enjoyed the wonderful weather. 

Everything can be found (as usual) in the resources section. 

Keep working hard and sending us anything you have done.


Mr Stevens and Mrs Whitford.

Hello Home Learners


At school, we are all missing you and hope you are doing well. Once again thank you for the creative and interesting work you have sent in! Some amazing poets out there!


Keep up the super work.


Mr Stevens and Mrs Whitford

Hello Home Learners!


We can't believe how fast this week has gone by! Thank you for the wonderful art, writing, poetry, empathy and music  work you have sent in - there has been some really high quality learning happening at home - please continue.


The maths this week is slightly different from what you have been used to but is explained on the Home Learning Grid for this week (just email us if you have any problems).

We look forward to seeing your amazing creativity and independence again in this week's learning.


Mr Stevens and Mrs Whitford

Hello Year 6 Home Learners!



Thank you for the work you are continuing to do at home and sending in to us. Whilst we really miss you in school it is great to see you continue you creativity and hard work from home.


On Tuesday this week, it is empathy day. Please choose one of the options from the resources section - feel free to send these into us!


We hope you all have a fantastic week and let us know if there is anything you need.


Mr Stevens and Mrs Whitford

Hello Year 6!


We hope you all had a good half term and enjoyed the amazing weather.

We are both really looking forward to seeing some of you on Wednesday and we will still miss those of you that we won't get to see. The learning from home will be slightly different this week.


We have uploaded the resources for Monday and Tuesday and will add the rest of the weeks learning on Tuesday evening. In addition to this, the Maths question sheets are no longer available online and will need to be accessed in the resources section for this week. If there are any problems then feel free to contact us. 


Thank you for all your hard work, amazing home learning and incredible creativity whilst working from home we have been very impressed and very proud of your efforts and attitudes!

Well done.


Mr Stevens and Mrs Whitford


Hello Year 6


We hope you are all well. 


You have nearly completed a whole half term of learning at home! Well done. We are still getting some amazing examples of work sent to us. One more week and then you can have a week off!


Next week we would of had a whole day of outdoor activities at school. As we can't do this there at lots of ideas on the school website for you to do at home. Remember to send us pictures of anything you do.


Well done for all involved in the Kahoot quiz on Friday-we hear all involved had a great time and lots of laughs were had!


Can we just remind you you can send the work when it is complete you do not need to save it till the end of the week.


It looks like there is a possibility that we might be seeing you again soon. We are certainly trying to work out how we can achieve this-so fingers crossed.


Keep up the fabulous work


Mrs W and Mr Ssmiley







Hello Year 6


We hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend, hopefully some of you celebrated VE day with your neighbours.  


This week would have been SATs week! Who would have predicted this back in September when you joined Year 6? Until we closed you were all working hard in the build up to these test and we know that some of you will be disappointed not to be doing them. Well done for all the work you did do preparing yourselves for SATs, all that learning will be used and built upon when you return to school.


Thank you for the work we received last week, it's great to see your creativity in the different ways you are presenting your work. We enjoyed the Dino work as well as your work on fossils and evolution.


This week the Maths follows the same pattern as previous week keep going and remember to email us if you have any problems.


In English you will be pulling your research together to write a biography. In Geography and Science continue with the topics we have been covering, it really has been interesting reading your work. Finish the Art if you have not already done so. Also if you have finished Wonder write a 100 word summary. Spellings are on Spelling Shed and in the resources.


Have a good week and keep sending your work.


Take care we are missing you


Mrs W and Mr ssmiley





Hello Year 6.


Thank you all once again for the fantastic learning you have been sending us. We have really enjoyed reading your narratives and have been amazed by your creativity the quality of a lot of what we have received. Keep up the good work.


The spellings for this week are on Spelling Shed and are all related to our science topic this half term.


As with the last couple of weeks, your learning grid and the resources can be found below. There are 4 activities highlighted in red that we would like you to send to us. Please feel free to send us any other learning or interesting things you have been getting up to. We are also available via email to answer any questions you may have.


Friday is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Take some time throughout the week to talk to and reflect with people at home about this remarkable, historical occasion.


Have a great week and we look forward to seeing more of your work.


Mr Stevens and Mrs Whitford.



Wow year 6.Thank you so much for the work you have been sending in. We have been so impressed, make sure you look at each others work on the website.


Week 4 activities are below. As with last week there are 4 pieces of work we would like to see. We love seeing other things you have been doing as well.


For Maths, later this week, you will need to measuring angles so make sure you have a protractor. We hope you have all been able to understand ratio and scale factors. Remember if you are stuck we are still able to help you just send an email.


Spelling are on Spelling Shed, more 5/6 words,remember to try and include these in your writing.


We hope you and your families are all well.


Keep safe 


Mrs Whitford and Mr Stevens




Hello Year 6


We hope you had a good Easter and are managing to enjoy this beautiful weather.


It's now the Summer Term, so time to carry on with your learning-at home. Hopefully you are all using your IGNITE value of independence, this is all good practice for Year 7 and the homework you will be set.


The home learning continues on the grid as before Easter. There are however a few changes.

  • Maths-we will be following the White Rose lessons online. Some of this will be new learning-use your revision books to support you.
  • English-spellings will be on Spelling Shed. We will continue to set activities based on Wonder. Also there will be writing tasks and activities.
  • Science and Topic-There will be a range of activities including research and presenting your findings.
  • Wider Curriculum- a range of activities from the website.

On the grid some work is in red-this we would like you to send us. Please send us anything else you are doing as well. As before Easter, please send your work to and



Keep in touch,


Mrs Whitford and Mr Stevens smiley


Hello Year 6 smiley


We hope that you are all well and have been able to enjoy the sunshine. Thank you to those of you that have been in touch and sent us work.


Hopefully you are finding some time to do your studies-remember to carry on with your learning so you are ready for Year 7! We are of course really hoping to finish Year 6 with you-after all we have a show to put on!


Your Learning for Week 2 is added below, this week there are some research activities. Please make sure your are using the internet safely when researching.


There are more resources available to you should you want to try something different.

On the school website:

  • Miss Bristow has added some great Geography activities
  • Mrs Holyoak has some exciting Science tasks you can do at home
  • Mrs Yates has added some PSHE ideas to promote your health and well-being 
  • Mrs Bartlett has added some ideas to help keep you fit and healthy
  • Mrs Pugh and I will keep you updated with reading activities and news from authors.There are also some great writing ideas that are both creative and fun
  • Daily art activities are there for the whole family to have a go at

All teachers would love to see the work you are completing, so please send it in.


We are missing you all so please keep in touch.


Take care and stay safe. Our thoughts are with you and your families.


Mrs Whitford and Mr Stevens wink

Year 5/6 spellings. The words that are highlighted are on Spelling Shed-remember you need to know these words and the rules within them.