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Let's Think Geography

In our Let's Think in Geography we were thinking about T-Shirts. we started by sorting different T-shirts into groups and considering which ones we would keep and which we would throw away.

We discussed-

If we were keeping some what would we do with the others?


We watched a short film about the manufacture of T-shirts and then constructed flow charts about the process.




We looked at how processes could be represented in different ways. We looked at the example of the leaf.

We considered paper, how did it get to our classroom and what happens when it goes in the green recycling bin? what would this flow chart look like?

We then thought about ,‘If the T shirt is no longer needed, how can we redraw the sequence in such a way that there is little waste?’

What happens to the t-shirt if we throw it away?

We looked at an image of landfill sites full of thrown away clothes. How did this make us feel?

One word; ashamed, sad, angry, guilty, embarrassed, shocked, damaging, threatening, wasteful, greedy.