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Week Beginning 2nd November

This week we continued our wonderful work on column addition and subtraction.

Week Beginning 9th November

In maths this week, we have been using what we know about adding and subtracting multiples of ten, to solve calculations.  We have also looked at what happens when you need to exchange ten tens for one hundred.  We have done some terrific maths drawings to help us, as well as using our Base ten equipment and counters.
We worked in partners to have our first go at solving questions like 234 - 80.  We had to exchange a hundred for 10 tens.

Week Beginning 16th November 


This week, we continued focusing on subtract a multiple of ten from a 3 digit number, for example 319 - 40. We discovered that we need to exchange 1 hundred for 10 tens in order to carry out the calculation. 


Later in the week, we moved onto applying our new knowledge to problem solving. We all worked brilliantly with our coaching partners to find all of the possible solutions.