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How do we find equivalent fractions?


To continue our work on fractions, we used fraction blocks today to help us to find equivalent fractions before moving on to the mathematical way of calculating them.

How do I find factors of numbers?


First, we worked in pairs to find the different arrays we can make using 12 counters. This showed us the factors of a number. We then learnt how to record these factors in factor bug pictures!

Measuring perimeter

Today we used trundle wheels and meter sticks to measure the perimeter of the playground.  Then we went back into the classroom to measure perimeter of rectilinear shapes, firstly by counting squares and then by using a ruler.

Reading numbers


Today we learnt about the Ten thousand column in place value. We played a game where we had to make numbers for each other on a place value grid, practising reading them correctly.

Ancient Egyptian Art


Today we had great fun writing four digit numbers in hieroglyphs and in the modern number system. We then carried out a pyramid investigation ,spotting patterns in numbers.