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Week 1 

This week we finished our fractions unit. First, we learned about how to round a decimal number to the nearest integer (whole number) using a number line to help us.


The rules that we discovered were..

If the digit in the tenths column is 4 or less, we round down. 

If the digit in the tenths column is 5 or more, we round up. 


Also, we have been applying our knowledge of dividing by ten and one hundred to smaller numbers (1 and 2 digit numbers). We were amazed when we realised that when dividing one and two digit numbers by ten and one hundred that our answers would be decimals. 



The rules that we have helped us are... 

When dividing by ten, each digit moves one column to the right. 

When dividing by one hundred, each digit moves two columns to the right. 

Week 4


This week, we have continued to focus on learning their 7x table. During our main maths session, we have continue to focus on fractions by identifying equivalent fractions before moving onto finding unit fractions of amounts.  

Week 5 

This week, we started the week by focusing on calculating non-unit fractions of amounts using bar models to help us. Next, we moved onto using known facts about fractions of amounts to help us solve other calculations. Later in the week, we revised dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 10 and 100 and rounding decimals to the nearest integer (whole number).