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Multiplying fractions


Today we tested our knowledge of how to multiply fractions by whole numbers by playing some maths games.

What are the properties of 3D shapes?


Today, we identified the names of 10 common 3D shapes. We then used examples of these shapes to explore their properties.

Learning about 3D shapes and nets


Today we worked on identifying and naming 3D shapes, before thinking about how they would look as nets.

Learning about volume


Today we discussed the difference between capacity and volume and investigated the different shapes we could make with a volume of 8 cubes. We then used this learning to solve apply tasks and moved on to the mathematical formula of length x width x depth to calculate volumes.

Learning about capacity 


Today, we investigated capacity. We learnt how to define capacity and then we estimated the capacity of a variety of different containers in groups, ensuring that we all agreed on amounts.

We then used rice, lentils or sand and litre measuring jugs to check our estimates.