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Our Working Wall 


Our Working wall is building up with all the things that we are learning about multiplication and division. We are constantly referring to this to help is in our learning.

Using what we know...


This week, we have been learning to use the multiplication number facts that we know to help us solve those that we are finding tricky to remember or solve.

For example, we can use 5 x 6=30 to help us solve 6 x 6 because we know we only have to add one more lot of 6.

Amother example is today’s lesson in which we practised using our knowledge of the 10 x table to x table facts.



We then used concrete resources and drawings to learn what division is and practised dividing using the 6,7 and 9 times tables.



We started this term learning about multiplication, using concrete resources and drawings to help us understand what multiplication is.