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Translating points on a grid


Now that we can read and plot coordinates, we can learn about translating one point to another by following a set of instructions. We did this on a big grid and directed each other to find the pencils.

Learning about coordinates


Today we started learning about coordinates in the first quadrant. We used people to stand in different parts of the grid and then we used coordinates to explain where they are. We learnt that we always read the x axis first and then the y axis.

Do all angles in any quadrilaterals add up to 360 degrees?


This was the question some children in Year 4 investigated today. They quickly explained that all angles in a square added to 360 degrees by adding 4 right angles but then they had to measure angles of other add them together and see if the same rule applied.

Making quadrilaterals


Using 4 cm and 6 cm strips of paper, we explored what different quadrilaterals we could make. We then measured the perimeter of each by adding all the sides together.

Investigating quadrilaterals


Today we learnt about quadrilaterals. We started by sorting different types of quadrilaterals into groups. Then we explored the properties of each, recording the a chart so we could draw conclusions about each type.

Drawing triangles


Drawing triangles sounds easy but it is actually very tricky when you are trying to draw specific ones, taking into account the properties of each and getting it all accurate. Year 4 did brilliantly today drawing scalene, equilateral, right-angled and isosceles triangles.

Are all triangles the same?

This was the question we explored today! We sorted, measured and compared different triangles today. We had to compare their angles and lengths of sides in order to recognise the properties of different triangles. We can now name equilateral, isosceles, right angled and scalene triangles!

Angles In Shapes

Today, we explored different angles in shapes. We used out special angle eaters to help us identify whether they were acute, obtuse or right angles.