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Adding 4 digit numbers


This week we started our addition topic in maths. First we thought about all the different ways we can represent addiction and all the vocabulary we can use when talking about adding numbers together. Then we started looking at column addition using place value counters and grids, drawings and, finally, numbers.

Place Value


Today we started our new maths topic on place value of numbers. This is really important in helping us to understand how numbers relate to each other so that we can perform more complicated operations with ease later in the term. We use place value grids, dienes blocks, counters and our own drawings to help us represent numbers in different ways.

Learning to teach!


In Year 4, we often explain our ideas and reasoning to each other. If we can explain an idea to someone else, it helps deepen our own understanding and our teachers take a break!!

Roman Numerals

This week, we started our history topic on Ancient Egyptians. We looked at their counting system and others used in history. One of these was the Roman numerals. We worked in pairs showing our ages, number of pets and answers to other questions about ourselves in Roman numerals made from coloured straws. We have even learnt to count all the way to 100 in Roman numerals!