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Monday (15.6.2020)


It's calculation Monday!

Practise your multiplying and dividing skills - here's the video to remind you how to do it:

Complete 1 set of questions (easier, medium or trickier) for each operation.


Remember to challenge yourself with the level of difficulty. 

Once you have finished 1 set of questions, you may decide to challenge yourself further by completing the next level too.

Remember to check your answers using the teacher book at the end. 

Tuesday (16.6.2020)


Watch the video lesson: 


White Rose Summer Term week 4 - Lesson 2: Multiply 2 digit by 1 digit number


Pause the video when asked to and complete the practice activities. 


Complete the activity below up to question 6, using either the method shown on the video, or one of the others that you are comfortable with (drawing, expanded vertical method).


Challenge: Try questions 6 - 8. 


If you are finding to too tricky, you can complete the easier extra practise below. 

Wednesday (17.6.2020)


Today we are multiplying amounts and converting into pounds (£) and pence (p).

Watch the video then complete the worksheet:

Thursday (18.6.2020) 


Watch the video: 


White Rose Summer Term week 4 - Lesson 3: Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2)

Watch the video and pause to complete questions 1 -4 when told to.


Watch the next input then decide:

1.) If you feel confident with the method introduced, continue with the other questions on the sheet.

2.) If you would like more practise with a method you are comfortable with, complete the “more practise” sheet.

Friday (19.6.2020) 


Dividing money


Watch the video:

Complete the activity below.


Once you have finished, check your answers using the teacher book.