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Monday (29.6.2020) 


Welcome to Calculation Monday!

Today, we would like you to focus on your layout of the calculations using vertical method. 

Complete the addition and subtraction activity below. Remember to choose questions that challenge you! 

Once you have finished, make sure that you check your answers. 

If you are finding it tricky and would like a recap of the addition and subtraction methods that we have been using in Year 3, watch the demonstration clips in the previous video lesson on this link. 

Tuesday (30.6.2020) 


Today, we are going to be focusing on adding lengths. 

Watch the video lesson on the following link: 

Complete questions 1-6 on the White Rose activity sheet. 

Challenge: Question 7. 


Once you have finished, remember to check your answers using the answer sheet. 


If you are finding it too tricky, try the easier activity below.  

Wednesday (1.7.2020) 


Today, we are going to be learning how to subtract lengths. 

Watch the video on the link below: 

Pause the video and complete the activities from the sheet below when asked to. 
Thursday (2.7.2020)
Today we are going to learn about perimeter and how to measure it.  Watch the video then have a go at the worksheet.
Friday (3.7.2020)
Today we are continuing with perimeter and how to calculate it.  Watch the video and have a go at the worksheet.