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investigating numbers


Today, children worked in groups to try to discover the features and properties of prime, square and cubed numbers. They were given challenges to slowly help them learn about the properties of these numbers. They were then challenged to create a poster to present to the rest of the class to teach them about their numbers. 

Factors and Multiples


Today we had great fun making our own factor galaxies. We had to choose a times table that became the number on our sun. Then we had to make all its multiples into planets. Each planet was then orbited by its moons which were the factors of that number. Here are the results!

Problem Solving


We used our addition and subtraction skills to solve multi step problems.This is very challenging and we really needed to draw on our resilience and support from friends.

Addition and Subtraction unit


This week, we have continued learning to add and subtract with numbers up to one million. We have used the column addition and subtraction methods as well as thinking about mental strategies too.

Revising Shape words


We did this crossword one morning as our early morning task to revise the names of common shapes.