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Materials is this half terms science driver. We will be looking at what materials are and how they are used. Our unit started with an investigation into what mixtures are. Can Year 5 work out what mixtures we’ve created?

Year 5 looked at more mixtures today and then we watched what happens with skittles and water.

How many experiments can Year 5 fit in during an afternoon? Not 1, not 2 but 6!! This afternoon we investigated what causes changes to materials and mixtures. We looked at chocolate and ice, water bottles when in ice and salt, coke and milk, vinegar and milk, vinegar and bicarbonate soda and finally coke and mentos.

Coke and mentos explosion!

Still image for this video

After all the excitement of the mixtures experiments, the children came back in and recorded their results. They demonstrated how to separate mixtures and explain what happened during the experiments.