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Plants Investigations

Year 5 set up 2 science investigations today, linked to our work last week on how plants form. Our first was to investigate if a broad bean will grow in a bag with a wet paper towel. These are taped to our windows. The second is the children investigating their own choice of enquiry question, considering how the growth can happen from vegetable cuttings. We will see what happens 👀 

Plant Pollination


Today, we dissected plants and learnt the names of all the different parts. We found out how plants reproduce through the process of pollination. We then investigated the different ways that pollination occurs - insects, animals and wind.


Today Year 5 were learning about the different categories animals can be classified in: amphibians, insects, birds and mammals. To start the children had to guess what animal they had on their back with yes/no questions. Our focus today was then on the life cycles of amphibians and insects.