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We are Rock Stars!!!

This our term, our Science learning is all about Rocks and Soils.

In our first lesson, we became geologists and looked really closely at different types of rocks.  We made careful observational drawings and chose our descriptive words really carefully.

We learnt the names of the different kinds of rocks, thought about their properties and how they are used.

We have been learning about how Sedimentary rocks ( rocks with layers) are made.  We used grated chocolate to show the layers building up.

We learnt about how sometimes fossils were formed when prehistoric creatures died.


Which rocks would make the best walls for a house?

Which rocks would make the best roof tiles for a house?

We tested the hardness and permeability of rocks to try to answer these questions.

This week we have been Soil Detectives.  We used our observation skills to see what soil is made of and whether all soils are the same.


Then we tested to see which soil had the best drainage.