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The problem: It is 1940. You are in the Blitz. Your house has been bombed. Surrounded by rubble: dirty, dusty and shocked. You can see an ARP warden in the distance but he can't hear you. You need to communicate to them 25 metres away.


You will be using Morse code.


Because it is a blackout, the light can not travel towards the sky.


Task: Create a working Morse code machine that can send a message to the ARP warden.

Luckily, in the rubble, you find some electrical equipment (very much like the ones we have in school)!

We began by finding information about significant scientists in the field of electricity and then circuit diagrams and electrical components.

We then learnt about Morse code and other forms of communication during World War 2 before planning our machines.

Building, testing and sending our messages to the ARP warden.

Evaluating our designs.