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How does a flowering plant reproduce?


We started today’s lesson by dissecting a daffodil and tried to use our knowledge and clues to label the different parts. Then we watched a video that revealed the answers and we adapted our labels accordingly!

Following this we labelled a diagram of a flower and then found out through other video research how flowers reproduce to make more flowers so that their lifecycle and continue.

How do we classify living things?


To launch our Science topic on life cycles, we played a guessing game. We had to think very carefully about our questions as our friends could only answer yes or no! Next, we sorted ourselves into 4 groups (insects, amphibians, mammals and birds) and brainstormed the features of the group. We fed this back to the class, adding more detail as we discussed each group.

Today we were investigating how we could change the size of a crater made by a meteor! Did you know that 25,000 meteors have been recovered from Antarctica! 

The children had to decide whether to change the size of the meteor or the height it was dropped from.  They then had to measure and record their results.