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This half term our science topic is forces.  We will be learning about gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction.


12th May 


Today we investigated water resistance by dropping different shaped balls of blu tac into water to see what happens. We had to consider how to make a fair test by considering what variables we would keep the same and what we would change. We recorded our results and the drew our conclusions.

Friday 6th May


Today we explored air resistance and how it can slow moving objects.  We investigated whether the size of a parachute would make a difference to the amount of time it stayed in the air.  Plastic bags were used to make three different sized parachutes then we headed outside to observe what happened when they were dropped!


Today we investigated the impact of gravity.  Our question was ‘Does a heavier object fall quicker than a lighter object?’


Using bags of stones and bags of cotton wool, the children carried out a fair test to see if they could answer the question.  Our results were mixed!  We discovered that gravity has the same pull toward the centre of the earth regardless of weight, however in some of our investigations the stones hit the ground first.  We concluded that our results were changed by the wind, which we could not control.