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Today, we have been Rock Detectives.  We learnt about scientist called geologists and then we made our own careful observations.  We used the characteristics of each rock to try to match the labels to the rocks.

Today we looked at the different types of rocks and learnt about how different rocks are formed.

We used grated chocolate to represent sediment to help us learn how rocks are formed. Can you see the layers in the sedimentary ‘rock’?

Look how heat and pressure changed the sedimentary ‘rock’ into metamorphic ‘rock’.  The classroom smelt delicious during this science lesson!

We tested rocks today  for hardness and permeability.

Which rocks were the toughest?

Which ones did water soak into easily?

What is soil made of?

We had 4 different types of soils to compare.  We made careful observations to see what they were made of.  We thought about which would be the best for growing plants in.