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Science Week

How do the gentoo penguins survive in Antarctica?


We found out all about gentoo heir lifecycle, their habitats and their food habits. We also watched videos to explore how the penguins look after and bring up their offspring. We then had to pretend we were birds who needed to build a nest to protect our eggs in the copse! We had pegs to act as beaks and an egg we needed to protect. We split into groups of three or four and built our nest using only the pegs to pick things up or move them around and only the resources we could find in the copse. Our nests were then tested on how they could survive rain ( a watering can!) and wind ( Mrs Holyoak waving a whiteboard!)

What is the lifecycle of a bird?


We watched a video and then broke down the 7 stages of the lifecycle of a bird. We then made a comic strip to record the story.

What jobs could I do in science?


Today we met a marine biology chemist who works in Southampton Oceanography centre. We heard all about her interesting and exciting job and then we had the chance to ask her lots of questions about it!