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Day and Night


We watched videos, made models and discussed how we have night and day.





History of space travel

Today the children learnt about the history of space travel, discussing and ordering key events. The children then created their own timelines of events in any way they wished. The year groups efforts were amazing, books looking brilliant! Take a look at all their hard work. 

The planets

This afternoon the children learnt about the planets, completing a fact hunt about the key features of them. This included which planets have the most moons, the hottest planet and more.

The Planets


What are the order of the planets? What size are they in relation to each other? How far are they away from each other? All of these questions were answered in our busy lesson today!

The Moon Landing - Real or fake?

The children learnt all about the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 today by watching videos of the launch, looking at photos of the first steps on the moon and listening to the radio communication between the astronauts and NASA.

They were then given 21 different pieces of evidence about the landing, some in support of the landing being real and others that argue the landing was all a hoax.

The children’s task was to collect the evidence and then use it to draw conclusions about whether they felt the landing was real or not!