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‘Were the Vikings raiders or settlers?’

That’s the question Year 5 have been answering this week, whilst we have finished our ‘Land of the Frost Giants topic.’ The children wrote a balanced argument about the reasons why, showing us all their learning over the past 6 weeks. Then then wrote it up on a longboat and made animations together.

​​​​A fantastic ending to a great half term!

What did the Vikings wear?


Today we carried out research into what the Vikings used to wear. The children then went into groups and designed a Viking shoe, knowing that the only resources they would have would be newspaper and sellotape!

Here are some of the results!

Why did the Vikings have such a bad reputation? What happened in the Viking era? Who were the Vikings? Where did they come from? Were the Vikings invaders or settlers? These are just some of the questions being asked and answered in our history unit this half term.