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A letter to Senora Adori

The Isle of Joya is floating westward towards Amrica. Isabella writes to Senora Adori telling her about the last days of Lupe and her husband the Governor. 

These letters really reflect the friendship between the two girls.

Isle of Joya

Off the coast of Afrik


21st February 1897



Off the coast of Joya


Dear Senora Adori


My name is isabella. I knew Lupe from school and I was your daughter's best friend. You might remember me as the poorly dressed girl in sandals that you and your husband picked up from the school before your husband left to search for Lupe. I am Writing to inform you of the events that have happened since you left for Afrik and that your husband and your child have died in the course of the events.


Before Lupe went missing, I had an argument with her and I think that is what made her go into the forgotten territories. When I got home after that, I got told that Cata had died. Then the governor's men took away my Dad, my Dad's friend Masha, my friend Pablo and my chicken Ms La. They had smashed our front door and In the door I saw a letter. It was from Lupe telling me she had gone into the forgotten territories to look for who killed Cata. I had actually got on the expedition to find Lupe by pretending to be my dead brother, I was the map boy who guided the governors men through the forests and to all the villages. 


When we had arrived at Gris it was deserted. We had been attacked by the banished. By then I thought Lupe was dead because the one I had injured had the bracelet that I made for Lupe on her birthday. That night we had been transported by the banished when we were asleep. It was then when I found Lupe. The banished told us that Yote is trying to take over the island again. The governor offered to stay back with all of his men to fight the demon dogs with the banished. He told Pablo to take me and Lupe to Gromera to escape to Afrik and he told lupe to read the letter in her locket.


 We had ran into the forest and set up a small camp for the night and lupe had read the letter, at that point we didn't know what it said but we knew she was angry and full of hatred with your husband. Just then pablo told us to run so we did, a demon dog was chasing us. Pablo picked it up and threw it at the rocks by the Arintan then we jumped down and hid behind a waterfall. We saw Pablo get scratched on the face and he dropped to the floor. I thought he was dead, with no one to protect us. We sat petrified until the demon dog launched itself at us but, he missed and crashed into the back of the waterfall and went through it. Because we were against the wall we fell too. I woke up, got up and looked around, it was the tunnel Arinta went down to get to Yote in the myth. 


Lupe had woken up, She looked slightly dazed.  I took my mum's map out of my satchel. We followed the paths that the map said until the cave started to shake. We hid in a crack in the wall. A herd of Tibicenas ran by. Luckily they followed our scent in the wrong direction. The map was destroyed but I could remember the map. We ended up in a cave full of crystals. The cave started to collapse, rocks parted me and lupe. When she went to sleep I accidentally slid down a tunnel, I hit my head and I fainted. I woke up with lupe carrying me. She put me down, we started to walk back when I hit my hand on Arinta’s sword. Then the cave started to flood, Lupe grabbed onto the wood light, It floated up but we stopped. A rock had fallen on Lupe, I did all I could to get it off her but I couldn’t do it. She let go of the wood but I grabbed her. She grabbed the wood light and pushed it into my arm, I could feel her hand slip away. The last thing she did was trying to save me. People from Gromera saved me from the water. I saw Da, Masha, and Pablo (who looked almost as wrinkly as Masha). Da was walking without his walking stick which was amazing.


I am so very sorry for your losses and I promise I will remember them forever and I will make sure that everybody knows that Lupe not only saved me but saved Joya


Yours sincerely Isabella

The house with the green door


The Isle of Joya

Somewhere on the Western Sea


Dear Señora Adori


My name is Isabella Riosse, daughter of the Cartographer and friend to Lupe Adori, your daughter. Firstly, I would like to say sorry for the loss of Lupe and the Governor, but they did not die as nobodys, instead they saved Gromera and all of the other villages from the horrendous fire that would over take the island and everyone else.


I know that Lupe was a very kind hearted, loyal and brave friend, yet her sacrifice saved Joya  so now it is free to once again float around the world. To be completely truthful, she saved all of the people on Joya. You should know that she had righted a wrong so very well that you should be very proud that she was a selfless heroine and a determined savior of Joya.


But I am afraid to say that I did not know your husband -the Governor- that well, but overall he was a good man and proved himself a leader in the last few days as he searched for Lupe. Governor Adori died an honest man since he eventually confessed all of the guilt which he had been concealing for the years to Lupe who was angry and shocked. Even with his curt personality and leadership voice he was a clever, loving father to young Lupe.


Since you can now visualize your family's final moments of greatness you will be able to recognise that they were brave and happy heroes that the people of Joya will remember gratefully so that their souls can rest peacefully.


Yours sincerely 

Isabella Riosse

Dear Senora Adori,


I am writing to inform you about my amazing memories of your daughter, Lupe, and your husband.


My name is Isabella Riossa, the cartographer's daughter. Lupe was my best friend. I met you once, around a year ago, it was when the schools first closed and you gave me a ride home. You might have remembered me as being very short.


That very same day Lupe went missing she left me a note. It said I’m going across the forest to see who killed Cata. she left her locket that the Governor gave her as well. I had to go and get my best friend back so I cut my hair and dressed like a boy and secretly went on the expedition.


I didn't know much about your husband but I do have something I have to tell you.
He was brave and was willing to find Lupe. He was a strong man and did not let anything stand in his way. He was selfless, he saved me and Lupe from the Tibicenas.


Now about Lupe, my best friend. Lupe was the bravest person I knew. She saved my life many times. She was so loyal to me. She sacrificed her life for everyone on Joya and saved us all. She always helped me out when Ii was in danger and I would never be here if it wasn’t for her. She was just like Arinta!


You should be proud of both of them.  I think about Lupe all the time and she is still there in my heart. I will remember Lupe for being brave and sticking up to me. I will remember the Governor for letting nothing stand in his way and never giving up.