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'Banksy' inspired Art!


Our artwork this term is inspired by the graffiti artist, Banksy.  We are using one of the most recognisable images of the 21st century called 'Girl With Balloon'.


In our first lesson, we were very intrigued by this artist, mainly because nobody knows who Banksy is!  We learnt about Banksy through a video and how he creates his work with stencils.  Also, how this piece of artwork was sold at auction and was passed through a secret shredder in the frame at the moment it was sold!  This left the bottom half shredded.  It was a statement by the artist and the piece was later named, 'Love is in the Bin'.

In our second lesson, we experimented with sketching the 'Girl'.  We also thought about what the red balloon could symbolise (love, hope, peace, freedom, poverty and separation) and what items we could use instead of a red balloon when thinking about refugees.  Some of our ideas were; a red dove, a kite, a teddy, a butterfly, a flower or a suitcase/rucksack (which relates to our reading of 'The Boy at the Back of the Class').  We will be linking this to our artwork in Seeking Sanctuary Week (please see our final pieces in the Seeking Sanctuary section).