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Creative Curriculum

RE Week

What a great week we have had learning about Sikhism in Year 4. We have watched videos of children our age telling us all about their lives as Sikhs. We have learnt about Sikh beliefs, the Gurus, the holy book and their place of worship. The children have designed and made board games, designed their own Gurdwara and made some Khanda art mosaics. They also took part in a Sikh dance workshop by a special dance teacher. The week ended with a brilliantly informative trip to a Sikh Gurdwara in Southampton.

Science week in Year 4

We are learning about electricity all week; making circuits, investigating conductors and insulators, designing our own switches and finding out how to keep safe around electricity.

Our first violin lesson!

Map Skills

We looked at different OS maps and learnt about some of the symbols used. Then we learnt to read the coordinates so that we could play a game of eye-spy with our partner to challenge each other to find things on the maps.

We learnt about the eight points of a compass. We went in the playground with our compasses and used them to follow instructions to find a route.

Tour of Britain

Today we started our new Geography based topic. We looked at a variety of different maps to discover how maps are presented and what they are used for.