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Creative Curriculum

Week 1

We read the wonderful book : THE FIRST DRAWING.  I wonder who did draw the very first picture?  What do you think?

Next, we explored line and tone in our Art Books.  We did some very careful shading.

Week 2

We watched some short animated films to help us find out what life was like in Britain in the Stone Age.

Week 3


We have been looking at pictures of the Stone Age to see how things have changed.


On Friday, we started our Year 3 Longitudinal Study.  We will be investigating how different areas in the school grounds change over time.  Some super vocabulary was used today!


The 3 areas we are observing

Week 4

This week we have finished our book “Ug”, about a forward-thinking Stone Age boy who longs for change and progress.  Most of all, he would like something soft - after all, wearing stone trousers and sleeping under a slab of stone (duvet!) Is not very comfortable...

Therefore, in DT we have decided to make a soft toy for Ug and after exploring toys from home we will design, cut and sew our pattern.  


Trying out designs for a soft toy.

This week in music, we visited the music room for the first time. We enjoyed exploring all the different instruments, many of which were new to us. Do you know your cabasa from your rainmaker? Over the next few weeks, we will be learning a new song called ‘Step Back, Baby, Step Back’ and singing an alternative version for our Stone Age topic called ‘Stone Age, Baby, Stone Age’.

Week 5 

On Thursday we spent the day learning about an aspect of Black History focusing on Art and Poetry.  We were surprised and saddened about the way in which coloured people have been treated in the past.  We learned how coloured people came to America.

We learnt about the artist Faith Ringgold, her story quilts and her book ‘Tar Beach’
We thought about places we would like to fly to if we were ‘as free as a bird’.  We draw pictures and wrote a poems about the place we would go. All of our work will be put together in the style of a quilt like the ones created by Faith Ringgold.

Week 6 

During our Science lessons this week, we have been geologists looking closely at rocks to observe their properties.  We used some fantastic vocabulary to explain our observations?

Can you remember which type of rock is which?

In Music, we played "All In" and "Body Bounce" to practise counting in 4/4 metre.  After that, we tested our talents by clapping rhythms using crotchets and quavers - it was tricky but we are definitely getting there!  Next step - writing and performing our own 4 beat rhythms using proper notation!
The weather has been a bit soggy of late and sadly has prevented us from doing our outdoor PE for a couple of Mondays.  Despite this, we have been staying active and also focusing our minds, by doing class yoga during this time.  Fingers crossed for some drier afternoons!

Week 7

We have had a really busy week!  Both classes put on their growth mind-sets and got stuck into cutting and sewing their fabric to make the soft toy for Ug.  What a lot of hidden sewing talent we have!  Thank you very much to the parents who helped us thread needles all morning (!) and who supported the children brilliantly.  We have made a great start, watch this space for photos of our projects in progress...

In music, the children have been writing and clapping their own rhythms in 4 metre using crotchets and quavers.  Hopefully they will share these with you at the parent outcome!