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Creative Curriculum

Week 1

We had an exciting start to the week with our visit from Ian from Crazy Creatures.  We discovered lots of fascinating facts and touched and held all sorts of interesting creatures.


On Wednesday, we had our first session of Listen 2 Me.  We are learning all about brass instruments and how to play them.

Week 2


In science we investigated the question “ would our spine be stronger if it was one long bone?”  We rolled up newspaper to make bones then hung weights from them to see how much they would hold until they bent. We found out that shorter bones are stronger than longer bones.

We continued being Super Scientists later in the week by learning more of the bones in the human body as well as finding out all about muscles and how they help us move.


Thinking more about the way we move, we investigated whether people with longer legs had a longer stride.  We still need to look at our results and draw conclusions.

Week 3

We started an exciting art project today - inspired by the work of self-taught artist Colette Bain.  We discovered that she uses a variety of materials to create her pieces including papier mache, fabric, newspaper and acrylic paint.

We designed an animal to make from clay and fabric and started to collage our backgrounds.  We can’t wait for the finished effect!

In Science, we looked back at our experiment from last week and started to draw conclusions.


In Geography, we worked on our fluency of place in the UK and also extending into Europe.  We also thought about what is inside the Earth.  Our last piece of learning was some virtual fieldwork to find out about The Alps which is our place focus for our work on Mountains.

Week 4   

In PSHE we are learning about people and their work. This week we had an exciting afternoon on Tuesday, when five visitors came in to talk about their jobs. We had a kidney nurse, Naval Officer, software engineer, student teacher and kitchen supervisor.

Thank you to all the adults who gave up their time to come and share their jobs with us, we learnt so much!

In science, we started learning about nutrition and sorted foods into foods for energy, foods for health and foods for growth.

Week 5

We have looked at maps and atlases to see how mountains are represented.  We used the information to add plasticine mountains to show where the mountains are in the United Kingdom.

We have also been using 4 figure grid references.

Week 6

In Geography, we have been considering the statement...Most Mountains are in the Northern Hemeisphere.  

We learnt what Northern Hemisphere means and how to use the atlas to help us make our own maps to find an answer.