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Creative Curriculum

Anglo-Saxon Music


Today we created music to accompany Michael Morpurgo’s version of Beowulf.

Our Anglo-Saxon Day Out


Yesterday, we went on our school trip to the Sustainability Centre in Petersfield where we learnt all about archealogists, weaving and looked at many different Anglo-Saxon artefacts while sitting in an Anglo-Saxon style main hall around a fire.

Making Anglo-Saxon pendants


We studied examples of Anglo-Saxon jewellery, looking carefully at patterns, colours and shapes. We then designed our own pendants that we made out of model magic clay.

Choosing a suitable settlement site


We imagined we were Anglo-Saxons, arriving in Britain and needing to find a place to settle and build a village. Using knowledge gathered from a video of a replica village in Stow, pictures and information in books, we chose a suitable site from a choice of three on a map. We had to explain our reasoning.
We then made a model of a village in groups, applying all the knowledge we had gained.

Topic Launch


Today we heard about an amazing discovery of a battered old suitcase found in the school grounds! Our task was to look at the artefacts inside and try to work out who the suitcase could have belonged to using all our knowledge of history learnt over our years at school.