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Creative Curriculum

Week beginning 5th October 

This week, Europe North have been testing different rocks to see which would be most suitable for the walls and roof of a house.  We talked about the different types of rock and used their scientific names.  I wonder who can explain what sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are?  

Later in the week we became 'Soil Detectives' and used our observation skills to find out what soil is made from.

Week Beginning 28th September


This week, Europe North have been busy in Science and Art.  We have been making close observations of rocks and learning about how fossils are formed.  Ask us what kind of rock you find fossils in and what we did in class to learn about his kind of rock.

In Art we have been looking closely art Cave Paintings and then explored line and colour in our sketch books before creating our own pieces of art.  We even tried to make our paper look old and cave-like!

This week, Europe South have also been busy in History, Science and Computing. In History we built on our Stone Age knowledge, moving on to learn about the Bronze Age. In Science we have been testing rocks to determine which rocks are strong and permeable. Finally, we linked our Flint and Fire topic to Computing by using Paint to create a Stone Age cave painting. 

Week Beginning 21st September

This week we have had great fun learning about the Bronze Age with our special day in the copse.  We discovered some time travellers and joined in with a range of activities to find out about their lives.

We have lots more photos to add once we have your photo permission letter back!

ICT and Art

North Europe have looked at Cave paintings from the Lascaux Caves in France as well as reading 'The First Drawing'.  We then used the 'Paint' on the computers to create our own cave paintings.  we had fun trying to control the mouse.

Week beginning 14th September

This week, North Europe have started learning about the different eras in the Stone Age.  They looked closely at pictures to find clues about the Paleolithic (Early), Mesolithic (middle) and Neolithic (Late) Stone Age.  They will be moving swiftly on to the Bronze Age! 

What do these pictures tell us about the Bronze Age?


South Europe have started investigating different rocks in Science, studying them closely and noticing similarities and differences. Then they moved onto learning how fossils are formed and even made a class fossil! 

Both classes have been enjoying PE and games outdoors - making the most of the lovely weather!

Both classes are practising their computing skills, both in the classroom -learning about inputs, ouputs and processes - and in the ICT suite where using a mouse has been the focus!

This Friday, Year 3 will have their first experience of going up to our woodland area, The Copse, where they will be preparing for some very exciting outdoor learning next week!


Week beginning 7th September

Our front cover "3"s for our Art books are looking bright and colourful and we have starting learning about digital devices and the 3 aspects of how they work.