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Week 1 

During Monday's lesson, we had a scroll with unknown lettering appear in our classroom. Once, we examined it further we discovered that it actually was the writing of a poem called Beowulf from the Anglo-Saxon times. We then looked at a special type of feature in the poem called Kennings and tried to work out the meanings of them. Later in the week, we were surprised to be taken back to the Great Hall in Beowulf to be told the story orally by a storyteller. 

Week 2


This week, we have been busy learning about the different features that authors use for effect in their writing including show not tell, powerful adjectives, similes and exaggeration.  

Week 3


This week based on the features that we discovered being used by authors to make the reader feel frightened of Grendel, we designed our own villain and then wrote as if we were our villains to scare the reader.  

Week 4


This week, we have been designing our own hero and planning our own Anglo-Saxon legends in the style of Beowulf. We are looking forward to keeping our readers entertained by using the grammar features that we have been practising.