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Writing information texts


We have been busy planning and writing information texts all about the Ancient Egyptian pyramids. We started by looking closely at how information texts were organised and written.

Then we planned how we wanted our text to look like and what information we wanted to include in it.
Next we wrote drafts of our text which we then edited and published on the computer. As usual, we used all the ideas and help on the Working Wall in our classroom.

Creature Discovery Descriptive Writing 

Our wonderful text, the Water Horse, is all about the discovery of a magical creature. We used this as a stimulus for making up our own creature discovery. First we drew our ideas, then we labelled them with expanded noun similes and prepositional phrases.

We then used our pictures and notes to write a description of our creature. We discussed how a good description will enable our reader to picture our creature their heads. To test how good our descriptions were, we read them to a partner who had to draw what we described. We then compared our image to theirs to see how similar they were. It was great fun and we were amazed at how useful it was as a way of testing the quality of our writing. After the exercise, we then edited our writing to make improvements.