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Week 1

This week we have been looking at images from our new text “This Morning I Met A Whale” by Michael Morpurgo.  We have used these pictures to help us work on our sentence structure.

Week 2

This week we have started to read our text and have been introduced to our main character, Michael, who was out and about early in the morning in the Battersea area bird watching. We found out more about Herons and wrote in the style of Michael Morpurgo imagining we had met a creature in the early hours of the morning on our walk to school.

In our text, Michael has met the whale and they have talked to each other.

Week 3

This week we have been writing an information text about whales using information from our visitor last week.

Week 4

Our best copies are looking great...

We have started to look at the next part of our writing - explaining the problem plastic in our oceans causes...

Week 5

We have continued with our writing and have been working on our editing and presentation skills too.  Our handwriting is really coming along.