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Summer 1

Plastic Planet


Well done to all the year 3 children who have created some amazing home learning shoe box scenes which brilliantly and imaginatively highlight the dangers our oceans are currently facing. 


Today we had a visitor...


Year 3 had a very exciting morning as we had a visitor from a whale and dolphin conservation charity called ORCA. Anna brought in lots of exciting things for the children to look at and spoke to them about lots of different species of whales, dolphins and porpoises. We even measured (in children) the length of a blue whale! 


Did you know that a Killer Whale is actually a dolphin?

We certainly didn’t!


This half term our topic is titled 'Plastic Planet'

We had a fantastic Hook Day.  Look at the amazing things we got up to...


We explored the numbers 5 and 8 - linked to the number of limbs a starfish and octopus have.  We tried to solve some tricky problems. 

Never Give Up came in handy!


We collected nouns to do with the sea and coast.  Then we used our fantastic descriptive skills to create expanded noun phrases.

Being Creative

We used recycled materials - newspapers and plastic bags to create our own colourful underwater creatures.