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Week 4


Maths : Homework has been set on Mathletics to reinforce our learning this week.  Remember that children can attend homework club on Monday or Friday lunchtime if they are not able to log on at home.


Spelling : This week we are looking at some of our high frequency words.  Your child should have sheet with their words on.

** Apologies, the children were so involved with their writing we did not manage to write our spellings onto sheet. Therefore spelling homework has not been set. We will be doing a spelling dictation on Tuesday to review all the rules we have covered so far this year**

Week 3


Maths homework has been set on Mathletics.  This week we are looking at angles and turn.  Remember the questions will get progressively harder - pencil and paper nearby may be useful.

Don’t forget LIVE Mathletics too.  How many point can you earn this week?


English - spelling

This week we are revising the “ew” sound and all the alternative graphemes.

How can you learn these spellings?   We are aware that there are several words however some are from Year 2 and are still incorrect in their books


knew    new.  chew.   grew.   threw.    


brute.   brutal.   rude.   tube.     huge




soon.   spoon.  boot







Week 2


Mathletics homework this week will be a revision of the fractions work we have been doing in class. The questions will get progressively harder, try your best and don't forget you can make jottings or draw pictures as you go to help you!


This week's homework will be focussing on alternative graphemes for the 'or' sound. Below are 8 words we'd like you to have a go at learning in preparation for your spelling dictation next Monday. Think of a creative way to practise these.

Can you use different colours to write them? How about drawing pictures? Or writing an acrostic poem to help you remember the spelling?

caught                 dinosaur             walk              saw

brought                talk                    crawl             board


Week 1

Maths Homework - This has been set on Mathletics and is linked to our work on Fractions.


Spelling - Words with the /ow/ sound as in show, although and toe etc.  There are lots of different graphemes for this sound.  We have sent home a word search for you to find them.  How can you learn to spell all these words ready for your dictated sentences on Monday?


Home-Learning - This is now in the parent information section on the website. We have talked to the children about this home learning and we aim to build towers out of the shoe boxes to display all the work.