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Week 1

We have discovered that our focus text this term is...Traction Man is Here.

We looked closely at pictures from the book to make some predictions.  Then we listened to the beginning of the story.


To help improve our writing, we learnt about prepositions of place.  We tried to describe a picture for our partner to draw using prepositions.

Later in the week, we used our prepositions of place when we wrote about the setting in the book - written in a chosen mood.
Reading in the library with Mrs Pugh
Week 2
This week we have been thinking very carefully about our word choices so that our readers know exactly what our settings and characters are like.  Miss Martin was so impressed with our descriptive paragraphs when she came to visit our classes.

Week 3

We have been putting all of of practised skills together this week and using pictures from the second Traction Man book to help us plan and write our ideas of what the story could be.  We are getting really talented with our...

  • Prepositions of place and time
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Word choices
  • Using paragraphs
  • Using inverted commas to punctuate speech.

Week 4

Another busy week...

During our play rehearsals we have been working on speaking loudly and clearly - trying to put suitable expression into what we are saying.


We have also looked at the poem “The Jabberwocky” and written our own versions of the beginning of the poem.


We finished the week, looking at the 3rd Traction Man book - Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey.  We wrote a letter to Turbodog pretending to be Scrubbing Brush telling him how ‘wonderful’ it was.  Or was it?

Week 5