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Autumn 2


Special Notices:

Rehearsals are well under way.  We are aiming for no paper scripts by the end of next week! (27th Nov).  Please keep helping your child learn their lines and their cues.


Costumes in during the week beginning 2nd December please.  In a names bag or on a named coat-hanger.

Superhero Day!


We had an amazing Superhero day, thank you for helping with the fabulous costumes!


Our day started with creating a profile for our superhero, along with a badge and motto. Next, we had a challenge - we had to work in teams to build a tall tower using only marshmallows and dried spaghetti!

After a quick refuel, we paraded as our superheroes around the hall, then tackled a tricky code-breaking exercise.

After lunch, we were lucky enough to have Jo to do a workshop with us about exploring physicality. Then, we created our own superhero badge using coloured paper to collage.