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We have continued with our work on addition and subtraction.  Solving questions like...

432+6       527 - 5      432 + 50     671 - 20


Then we moved onto...

243 - 8 and 528 - 70

Our picture drawing has really help us.

Week 2

This week, we have continued drawing pictures to help us with our addition and subtraction. 


We have been solving calculations such as: 


259 + 300    483 - 200      ______ + 400 = 729       251 + 32        536 - 35


Later in the week, we started to see our calculations presented in column method ready for our learning next week.

Week 3

This week, we have bravely started using column method to solve questions which have involved crossing boundaries, exchanging and regrouping, for example: 


327 + 46      641 + 63         472 - 56       829 - 72


We have all been persevering with the method and drawing pictures alongside to help us. 

Week 4

This week we have continued to extend our skills with Addition and Subtraction, solving questions like 432 + 362 and 674 - 342 with no crossing of boundaries.  Towards the end of the week we will begin to look at HTO + HTO with crossing of boundaries recording pictorially and using formal vertical method ( See the examples on the Homework page)

In addition to this, we have looked at 'special cases' where our mental maths skills make the solving of the question more efficient.   Eg Solving 342 - 19 by taking away 20 and giving one back.

Week 6

This week we have moved our learning onto multiplication and have been working hard to learn our 3x tables.  Super movers is helping...

For the next few weeks our Rock Stars Times Tables will be the 3x table.

Week 7

We have been exploring the different ways we can write the same multiplication question.  ( The distributive law)