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Week 1

This week our writing has been linked to our visit from Ian from Crazy Creatures.  We worked really well in groups to try to remember all the important information about the Creatures, especially about their skeletons and how they moved.

Week 2

This week so far, we have explored books with wolves in. In groups we decided how wolves were portrayed in stories and sorted words according to how relevant we thought they were.  We will be introducing a new text in the next few days, making predictions and finding out if what we think about wolves is true...

We looked at different front covers of our new text...
...Acting as book detectives, we used the clues to predict what the book might be about and what we could tell about the main character.

Week 3

We have been writing our best copies of out recounts about our visit from Crazy Creatures

Week 4

This week we have been busy writing our Little Wolf  narrative.  We have been thinking about;

  • using expanded noun phrases
  • using adverb to show how actions are being done.
  • makimg our writing interesting for our reader.

Week 5

Year 3 had a surprise visitor on Monday...

We went down to the library to look for a lost book and found an old lady sitting reading on the wooden chair!  She said she was Little Red Riding Hood’s granny and had come on the number 47 bus to Merdon Junior School, to find a year group that could help her with something.  Granny explained that the townsfolk were really confused about wolves and thought they all wore clothes and said “huff and puff” a lot. She asked if we could help her by finding out all about wolves and writing a report for her to share with the people in the town.

We set to work in teams immediately to find out as much as we could...

Week 6

Wow! What busy writers we have been this half term...