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How is clean water a natural resource?


Today we thought about how lucky we are to have clean water everyday as part of our lives. We looked at the Wateraid website and learnt about how some poeople do not have access to clean running water. How this affects our lives. We did an experiment using paint to show how germs spread e is a lack of washing facilities. Finally we designed posters to advertise saving water.

Where does our food come from?


Food is a natural resource. Where does the food come from that we eat each day? How far does it travel in order to get to our plates? Today we investigated this question by looking at food labels and packaging to try to find out where our food comes from. We also then used the laptops to research how far the food had traveled in “food miles”.

What natural resources are found in Antarctica?


We learnt what the term natural resource means. We learnt how reliant we are on natural resources in our everyday lives - did you know that our mobile phones contain gold, silver mad copper? Finally, we found out all about the natural resources found in Antarctica through videos and websites.

it is very tricky to extract minerals from rocks - we found this out by “mining” chocolate chips from cookies with a toothpick!!

Today we launched our new Geography topic of ‘Exploring Antarctica’.  We started by challenging the children to decode a 12 word sentence hidden around the playgrounds! They discovered that ‘Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and least populated continent in the world!’

Then we tried to think about what it would be like to be in Antarctica.  We read some of the diary written by Scott and heard about the cold and how it can lead to frostbite.  We tried to replicate that in the classroom by trying to wear frozen gloves! It was tricky and very cold! 
After exploring some Antarctica facts we then attempted to make ice cream! Some were more successful than others but we all had fun and most of us tried the ice cream 😁