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Homework 23.11.18


In Spelling this week, we have been learning about the -ed suffix when making a verb the past tense. When -ed is added to a verb, there are a few different rules the children need to remember:

Most words - add -ed

Words ending in e -remove the e and add -ed

Words ending in y - change the y to an i, add -ed

Words with a short vowel followed by a consonant - double the consonant and add -ed

The words in the following list, which many children spell wrong in their writing, follow these rules:

happened, walked, called, answered, laughed


dropped, dragged

hurried, replied

Some children may have the following list:

called, jumped, walked

hopped, jogged

fried, lied, spied




Maths can be found on the Mathletics website and is a range of questions supporting the work done in class on addition and subtraction.