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Homework 20.6.19



This week, we are learning about the prefixes auto, super and anti.

Group 1 and 2 have the following words to learn:

Superman, superstar, supermarket, anticlockwise, automatic

Group 1 also have:

superhuman, antiseptic, antisocial, autobiography, autograph

Homework 13/6/19


This week we are looking at word families of “phon” and “sign”, learning about the meanings and how new words are made from these root words.  The following words are the spelling lists to learn:

Group 1 and 2:

phone, telephone, phonics, sign, designer

Group 1 also have:

microphone, phonograph, signature, assign, signaller


Homework 6/6/19



In class we will be learning about word families over the next few weeks. We will take a root word and then investigate the different words that can be made form the root by using a variety of prefixes and suffixes. We will explore how this changes the meaning.

This week we are looking at the sol and real word families.

solar, soluble, solution, insoluble, dissolve

real, reality, realistic, unreal, realisation