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​​​​​​Homework will be set on Thursdays and will be due in the following Tuesday.  Check this page every week to see what has been set.

Week 1

No Homework set this week. smiley

Week 2

Maths  - This has been set on Mathletics.  Your child was given their login on Wednesday.  There are 4 place value activities and children can also do other activities on the site once the homework is completed.

Please come and see us if you are unable to access the homework.


English - This week we are looking at words with the long a sound as in train and the different ways it can be written.  Here are some of the words and their families that we will be learning.  Please practice reading and spelling these words at home

eight - eighty - eighteen

make - made - take - cave

paint - painted - painter - painting

again - against

always   (one l!)



nb - Some children may bring home a sheet selected words on it.

Week 3

Maths - this has been set on Mathletics. Activities include...

  • finding 10 more and 10 less.
  • Putting numbers on numberlines
  • Counting in 5s



This week we are looking at Homophones.  (Words that sound the same but look different)

there  /  their   / they're

two   /  to       /too

break  / brake

shore  / sure

blue  /  blew

sea   /see

missed  / mist

As well as learning to spell these words can you put each set into a sentence?

eg  There was a large dog sitting in their garden.