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Photographs of the day

NHS Day 2018


To celebrate 70 years of the NHS, we held our very own celebrations at Merdon. 


During the day, the children learnt about;

  • The history of the NHS
  • How we can live healthier lifestyles
  • What is good hygiene? E.g hand washing
  • The different job roles within the NHS led by actual staff sharing their experiences
  • Why we should use the NHS responsibly


We put on some extra special activities throughout the day including;

  • Heartbeatz CPR workshops
  • Race for Life event on the school field
  • Meeting some of the NHS team and learn about their job roles
  • Change4Life fitness activities - Train like a Jedi!


We also raised money for Southampton General Hospital Charity and Cancer Research.



You can find lots of information and activities on the Change4Life website;



Capturing the day!