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Investigating Air Resistance

Today we watching videos of bikes travelling down a hill, parachutes falling from the sky and lorries driving along a road. We discussed the forces acting on each vehicle or object and learnt how air resistance is another force. We then investigated the effects of air resistance on the size of parachutes.

Investigating Water Resistance


We discussed why it is hard to walk through water!why fish are the shape they are, why boats are the shape they are and decided there is a force In water that pushes against you. We call this water resistance. We then planned and carried out a science investigation to investigate whether the shape of a blob of brutal affects the speed it travels through water. Using our results, we made conclusions.

Investigating Flight


In English today, we read the story of Daedalus and Icarus. Icarus went too close the sun and the wax on his wings melted, resulting in him falling to his death.In pairs, we made pairs of wings using a limited set of resources. We investigated different shapes and designs. 
Once we had completed and made our wings, we went outside to test fly them and measure how far they travelled. Here are some photographs of our investigations!

Investigating Friction


Today we learnt about the force of friction. We investigated which material would be best to use to make a zip wire. Our plan is to request one from Mrs Martin for the copse!